“Responsible” (Featured Demo #1)

With less than a week until our show on the 22nd, we’re kicking off a little feature to showcase the demos for the songs that make up our set.

Here’s the very rough demo for “Responsible”:

Rex and Christina sing harmonies front to back on this one in the sort of classic indie/shoegazer boy/girl tradition.  We like that sort of thing, and it’s what we do.  Nate always says the music on this one reminds him of Of Montreal; Rex nods back to perhaps some other bands from Athens, GA, of a slightly earlier vintage.  It’s more straight-up jangly power pop than a lot of our stuff and we should probably do more things like this; people really seem to like it.

The song spent a few years gathering digital dust in the form of a scratchy acoustic demo until Christina plucked it from a pile of rough sketches as something she really adored, and asked Rex to develop it a little further.  She popped out for a few hours, leaving him with a glass of bourbon and the stack of guitars and gear that inhabit the Bulbenko band room, and upon her return this arrangement had been bashed out.  Harmonies were arranged over the next few days; her deliriously gritty organ and the wacky sequencer part were added, and the song joined the setlist when the band began rehearsing for their first show with Ian, Nate, and Larysa.

Lyrically there’s a lot going on here for what sounds like a pretty straightforward power-pop song, but again we like that sort of thing and it’s what we do.  In the simplest terms, the singer is having a pretty bad day.  Technology is letting him  or her down and nature seems to be going haywire, with both positive and negative effects.  Trees are dropping bones instead of fruit, while apples come flying through the window at random (which at least helps with packing school lunches for the kids).  By the end, he/she is ready to chuck it all and sell off the car, and perhaps even what’s left of his/her heart, to a creepy old guy in a junkyard.  All of it is, of course, some kind of manifestation of a broken internal state, a deep sadness and feeling of loss and longing for meaning that so permeates the singer’s being that bleeds into and becomes the truth of the outside world in the wildest of ways.  The choruses are an overdeveloped double entendre: “No one is responsible at all”… there is no laying of blame, but neither is anyone willing to own up to their own culpability or own the fact that their own decisions are shaping reality as it unravels.  Or something like that.

The words go back a few years, but every one of us has been experiencing our own personal and shared versions of this over the recent and sad weeks.  Nature has seemed to us to be filled with omens and messages in ways we’ve never experienced before.  It would be too much and too personal to go into what that means, other than to tell you to look for praying mantises.  They’ve visited us time and time again and we have no doubt that they are messengers.  The Armoires now more than ever are bound by the heartstrings and these gorgeous, funny, fascinating insects seem to be delighting in walking along those lines, doing their hypnotic dances and clicking their rhythms in our ears.  We’re listening.

With love,

The Amoires