Big Stir 5: Power Pop & More Revue at CIA

And here it is, the lineup for a very special BIG STIR: Power Pop & More at CIA on Saturday, April 23rd!

No changeover between bands this time… one free-flowing night of surprises and guest appearances. Your hosts The Armoires are joined by Ballzy Tomorrow featuring the legendary Robbie Rist, SS Buffet Mess (an San Diego three-artists-in-one supergroup with Scott Samuels, Steve Rosenbaum and members of Super Buffet), Butch Young in a mini-set from his acclaimed Mercury Man album… plus guest appearances from Cait Brennan (with The Armoires), Steven Wilson of Plasticsoul, and MORE to be announced!

Not The Last Waltz, so much as The First Shuffle, perhaps… not to be missed!