Dramatis Personae

Who are the characters populating our songs?

A man holding a futile annual séance for his lost love in a haunted house each Halloween (“Unhaunted”). A child dazzled by an Appalachian county fair in the ‘70’s only to rediscover it decades later in the music of Tom Waits (“Fort Ashby”). Another child connecting with her ancestry by strapping on beginner’s ice skates and cruising across her grandparents’ frozen pond (“Double Blades”). A frustrated LA screenwriter chucking it all, only to fall into a low desert nightmare straight out of a David Lynch film (“Live & Direct”). The woman whose phone number you’ve just inherited, who just might have been the sexiest woman alive and the flashpoint for a social revolution on behalf of the world’s neglected nonfamous populace (“Norma Corona”) and a father struggling to reconnect through mathematics with his daughter after a bitter divorce (“McCadden”).

The cast of characters continues to march forth: the imagined wireframe ghost of a sea captain’s wife given a life of her own on the island from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” (“Wire Girl”); a big-hearted elderly genocide survivor, a teenage romantic under the thumb of her addiction-prone girlfriend, and a beloved one-eyed cat on her very last legs (all in “What You Don’t Wish For”). A reluctant prodigal son and failed railroad hobo (“Bagfoot Run”). Loveable and complicated losers from the big city and rural America alike, given voice by the empathetic harmonies of The Armoires.

The list goes on.