INCIDENTAL LIGHTSHOW: The Debut Album, Available June 25

The Armoires are proud to announce that our debut album, “Incidental Lightshow”, will be released June 25th on Black Market Glamour.

A power pop diary two years in the making, the record will feature studio versions of the songs that have been captivating audiences at shows, festivals, and of course our monthly showcase Big Stir: Power Pop and More at CIA, since our live debut in 2014.   The tracklist is:

  1. Fort Ashby
  2. Caterwaul
  3. Responsible
  4. Unhaunted
  5. What You Don’t Wish For
  6. Playing With the Lights
  7. Wire Girl
  8. Doubtful Sound
  9. Live & Direct
  10. Newberry Spectacle
  11. Norma Corona, What Have You Done?
  12. Double Blades

“Incidental Lightshow” was produced by Alan Fraser, Glen Laughlin (of The Cherry Bluestorms and The Dickies), Nathaniel Myer and Ian Bulbenko, along with the band itself.

Stay tuned for more information as the release date approaches!