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Top 10 Artist, Radio Indie Alliance

#1 Album, Super Groovy Delicious, WUVT Virginia

Featured Artist, The Music Authority

The dozen tracks here – sometimes haunting, sometimes joyous, always well-crafted and memorable – prove that the band certainly transcends any labels that folks may try to pin on them. The Armoires’ sonic approach is multi-faceted and difficult to pigeonhole. There are echoes of early REM (on the aforementioned “Responsible”), the Byrds (the guitar intro to the lovely “Fort Ashby” is pure “My Back Pages”-like jangle heaven), garage punk (on the slammin’ “Norma Corona, What Have You Done?” which features a cool little fuzz guitar break) and grand, sweeping, slightly psychedelic moments (such as the breezily hypnotic “Caterwaul”). Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko’s vocal harmonies are one of the band’s trademarks, informing most every song on Incidental Lightshow with either a slight edge or dreamy lushness. Also setting the band apart is Larysa Bulbenko’s gorgeous viola. If you’re in the market for some moody yet strangely uplifting sounds from a band that proffers something wholly unique check out the Armoires. They’re much more than a demographic.”

-John Borack, Goldmine Magazine


“The Armoires reveal a great big musical world with the haunting heartfelt harmonic convergence of this eclectic power pop diary. The myriad musical styles in this mellifluous wardrobe run the gamut through Americana, sunshine pop, garage, throwback psychedelia, blue eyed soul, surf rock, new wave, shoegaze, and country, sometimes within a song. Each song has an emotional resonance that ties a thread through the entire album. What are obviously very personal references seem somehow universal. You’ll be amazed at the variety of musical flavors; you’ll be intrigued by the gorgeous inlay and insist on taking it home for yourself.”

– Ken Ostrander, WUVT, Virginia / Super Groovy Delicious Bite


‘Incidental Lightshow’ sounds like an imaginary “Twilight Zone” episode where time is suspended and the late rock promoter Bill Graham has been brought back for one night to book the acts for the Ryman Auditorium. Beneath the influences of folk and roots Americana, ’60s psychedelic imagery abounds and celebrated moments from the ’70s–prog rock’s most prolific decade–are evoked. The Armoires’ debut album is a collection of 12 compositions which reveal deeper audio delights with repeated listenings. Be patient and allow its many charming spells to take effect.”

– Steve Thorn, The San Diego Troubadour


When I think about The Armoires and their music, I am reminded of a quote often attributed to Tom Waits… and I paraphrase… I love songs with soaring, lifting arrangements, and beautiful melodies telling me sorrowful stories. Throw in some great guitar jangle, a splash of the influence of punk attitude, some irony in the lyrics, and some of the tightest harmonies going today along with a shock or two of blonde locks, and you now have The Armoires! Oh, and who’da thunk to put a viola on a Pop Rock song or two in this day and age? Thinking arrangers and songwriters, that’s who! The Armoires, see them soon, seem them often!”

– Jim Prell, The Music Authority


The deft combination of power pop and folk-rock that The Armoires unfailingly deliver on their new album, ‘Incidental Lightshow’, will have broad appeal to pop music fans across the world. Highly recommended!”
-David Bash, Founder/CEO, The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival


The Armoires have been “wow!” every time I’ve seen them. Christina Bulbenko & Rex Broome are the new Roxette (but even better!), and just what the world needs now.”

-Brian Adamson, Los Angeles


This is captivating work. Everything along the way has come together into the moment of this album, beautifully and in unexpected ways.”

-Dolph Chaney, Chicago, IL


I can’t begin to tell you how much I dig this album. What I hear on this record are the things that first drew me to music, most importantly something that I can only refer to as a sense of ‘place’. It goes beyond being merely evocative. The music opens up windows in my mind and allows me to view a different world, solid and self-contained, new and interesting, yet very similar to, and resonant with, my own. It makes me want to visit this new place and stay for a while. There is an honesty here that is very refreshing in these days of cut-and-paste. It fills me with a longing for an ideal childhood and early-teen-years that I never really had, but that I can almost remember.”

-Steven David, Suite 100, San Diego, CA


I’ve been listening to the CD since I saw The Armoires at the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Liverpool and have played tunes on my show several times. The songs are different, amazing and well constructed. My favourites are Fort Ashby and Playing with The Lights.”

-Ros Barclay, Radio CamGlen FM, Glasgow, Scotland